We specialize in dentistry of small animals, ferrets,rabbits and guinea pigs.pets.Dental disease (gum or tooth infection) is major cause of systemic illness in pets. Tooth infection can lead to internal organ diseases like pancreatitis, liver disease, infection of aortic valve, and kidney disease etc. We recommend daily tooth brushing for all canine feline pets to prevent dental disease. When tooth brushing fails to prevent or remove tartar from your pet's teeth, advice should be sought from your veterinarian to discuss professional dental cleaning under anesthesia. We provide complete dental care for our patients including routine dental cleaning, surgical and non surgical extractions . Dr. Harika has achieved advanced skills in dental radiography, endodontic procedures( surgical extractions, fractured tooth crown repair by using bonded sealants, vital pulp therapy and root canal treatment) and Oro-facial surgery (oro-nasal fistula surgery, jaw fracture repair with dental splints and bone plating, hemimandibulectomy ).


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  • "I have 4 dogs and 3 cats, Dr. Harika and his staff are compassionate and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone searching for excellent care for their fur babies."
    Esther M.