Vaccination protects pets against various life threatening infectious diseases.
Vaccination is started in pups and kittens at 6-8 week age. Puppy and Kitten vaccine series are completed at 12 week age in kittens and at 16-weeks of age in puppies.There after vaccines are administered to pets on 1-yearly or 3-yearly basis depending upon type of vaccine. Each pet needs different vaccines.

There are 2 type of vaccines (Core vaccines and Non Core Vaccines).Core vaccines are mandatory for all pets. Non Core vaccines are optional vaccines. Every pet need different non-core vaccines based on chances of pet's life style, prevalence of disease in the area and pet's exposure to disease .Our Veterinarians can help you in selecting appropriate non-core vaccines for your pet(s).

Canine Vaccines

Core Vaccines : DHPP Vaccine (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza vaccine), Leptospira vaccine and Rabies Vaccine.
Non Core Vaccines: Bordetella vaccine (kennel cough), Canine influenza vaccine (Canine flu), Rattle snake vaccine(for pets residing in rattle snake infested areas). It is very difficult to save life of a pet bitten by rattle snake.Rattle snake bite to an unvaccinated dog is usually life threatening and treatment can be expensive. Even some treated pets die.

Feline Vaccines

Core Vaccines : FVRCP Vaccine (Feline viral rhinopneuminitis, calicivirus) and Rabies vaccine.
Non Core Vaccines (only for outdoor cats): FELV Vaccine(Feline leukemia vaccine).
Ferrets: Ferrets need Rabies vaccine and Distemper vaccine. These are special ferret only vaccines. Regular feline vaccines are not recommended for ferrets because of serious vaccine reaction concerns.


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