Puppy and Kitten Package

Puppy and Kitten package is discounted package of preventive healthcare designed only for young pets. Young puppies and kittens are susceptible to many parasites and life threatening infectious diseases. They need special preventive care (Examinations, Vaccines and Parasite prevention) to keep them healthy during first 4 months of age. We offer highly affordable packages of services for them to cover preventive care during first 4-months of their life. When you sign up on a new Puppy or Kitten for a package, you pay a small, one-time lum-sum fee, up front. This fee covers all office calls for core vaccine visits, intestinal parasite testing, de-worming against internal and external parasites. At 12 week age kitten vaccine series are completed and at 16 week age puppy or kitten vaccine series are completed. Your pet also gets a complimentary dose of flea medication, and a dose of heartworm preventive medicine. 


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  • "I have 4 dogs and 3 cats, Dr. Harika and his staff are compassionate and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone searching for excellent care for their fur babies."
    Esther M.