We perform routine soft tissues and orthopedic surgeries surgeries.

Routine Spay or Neuter : We spay and neuter Dogs and Cats. Cats are spayed or neutered at 5-month age. Small and medium sized dogs are spayed and castrated at 6 Month age. Large breed dogs are spayed and castrated at or after 1 year age. .

Cryosurgery: We specialize in treating warts and moles in awake patients by using advanced tool called Cryo probe in painless manner and without need of general anesthesia.

Major Surgery : Dr. Harika is very skilled in performing soft tissue surgery like lump removals and abdominal surgery that does not require overnight hospitalization.  He enjoys performing orthopedic surgery including Patella luxation surgery, ACL surgery, bone fracture repair by using pins and bone plates, FHO surgery for hip dysplasia and closed hip reduction of luxated hips. He is skilled in Oro Facial surgery such as mandible fracture repair by using bone plates and special composite/wire splints. Specialists are also available for referral for some highly specialized procedures and procedures that require overnight hospitalization/ critical care .

We understand how important it is to monitor a patient during anesthesia and surgery. Our Surgery suite is well equipped with specialized monitoring devices such as doppler esophageal stethoscopes, doppler blood pressure monitors and cardell blood pressure monitors, heart monitors, intravenous fluid infusion pumps, blood oxygenation monitors, ETCO2 monitors, temperature and respiratory monitors. Electrosurgical unit is available for electro surgery.Bair huggers are available for dental procedures and surgical procedures .

Cold Laser Therapy  : We have recently introduced high level medical grade class 2 cold laser therapy for our patients.Specialized packages are available form treating acute and chronic injuries of soft tissue and spine such as disc problems. It is painless treatment and very successful in making painful pets comfortable. Our Doctor and vet techs are trained to use this special tool.

Surgical Procedures not recommended : We do not perform or recommend cosmetic procedures including ear cropping, tail docking , front dew claw removal in dogs and declawing cats for ethical reasons. We strongly encourage pet owners to start training newly adopted kittens to help them develop appropriate scratching behavior. Client Education videos are available on AVMA ( American Veterinary Medical Association) website. We follow recommendations of AVMA ,CVMA and VMB on all our procedures. 


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  • "I have 4 dogs and 3 cats, Dr. Harika and his staff are compassionate and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone searching for excellent care for their fur babies."
    Esther M.